The Legend

In the Caucasus Mountains of 17th century Russia, in a village in the western region called Fūtūr, all the people dreamed the same dream one night – and The Legend of the Broken Crown was born.

Then in the early 20th century, mythologists and scholars were studying a group of legends from around the world when something surprising caught their eye. A detailed investigation revealed profound similarities to The Legend of the Broken Crown, including that legend’s eerie kinship to Iroquois Indian lore in North America. Even more astonishing, the legends were all born from a dream in that same moment of time. But how or why the world dreamed the same dream remained a mystery.

Until now. This is the story of that dream – a treasure hunt for a treasure so great, the future depends on finding it. A treasure that everyone seeks, but only those who seek it passionately find.

Follow the trail of ancient legend and learn to listen to the voice of your dreams. Discover the joy of giving the unique gifts we each possess, the secret to living a happy and more fulfilling life, the ability to expand our perception of time to do the things we want, and so much more.

Your quest begins now...

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