On the eve of his 100th birthday Max wants to postpone his death. He has a secret to tell his daughter Sarah – a secret so fantastic it had to be hidden in another lifetime. Amazingly, as he tells her his story, his words create a new reality. As if guided by destiny, he fulfills his childhood dreams and discovers the treasure of an ancient legend. He becomes an inspirer to all who desire a better life. Using his Maquette, a powerful dream machine, he teaches people the world over to harness the power of dreaming to live a happy and more fulfilling life. But when a strange weather pattern circles the globe, Max alone knows the terrible truth: it is pure evil and unstoppable. With the future of the human race hanging in the balance, he must use the Maquette in a way he never intended. Can the Maquette control nature? Will he sacrifice his greatest treasure to find out? Set in the past, the present, and the near future, The Best Show In Town is a multi-generational story filled with hope and optimism that will inspire you to live your dreams.

THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN. The only show you’ll ever see is through your own eyes. Make it the best show possible.