Reader Comments

“I was intrigued by Andrew Brown’s ‘novel’ approach to soliciting non-professional reviews from people like me. He said he was handing out free copies – I got mine on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills – with the sole requirement that I email a short review or comment to the publisher. A charming and middle-aged (single?) man, he grimaced and said he didn’t want to see them. I would have liked to stay and talk with him about it, as I’m an avid reader of fiction, but needed to be on my way. So it wasn’t until I was in the air bound for Moscow that I got around to it. I devoured it on the plane. What can I tell you in a few words that will convey the beauty of this book? Let me start with it felt like he was talking directly to me, like he was telling a friend some of his favorite things, important things. I really liked that. Also, there’s so much here that, depending on your interests, it could slant a lot of different ways. For me, it was a looking glass into the future and into myself...and showed me a lot that I plan to make real in my own life, as well. The language was beautiful with just a hint of poetry when called for. And it was funny, too. The question I often ask myself after reading any self-help book, which I consider this to be, is, after inspiration, then what? I now know the answer: make your life the best it can be by reading this book! I hope that was helpful. I’m really eager to see other reader comments. As a side note, I hope to meet Andrew Brown again and thank him personally for touching my life with beauty, imagination, and wisdom.”
  – Kat Vache

“He taught the world to discover the genius they were born with. Now it's your turn.”
  – Lauren Lindey

“The Best Show In Town is a great adventure of the human spirit. IMO it will help to restore the importance of values and encourage idealism in everyday life. Andy Brown is the only person I know to show with irrefutable proof that the soul is immortal and survives life’s transitions. A book to inspire the world.”
  – Jennifer Flaherty

“Damn! He gets it! It’s about the teachings of ‘BIG-ness.’ Many people dream of finding the strength to create a better world. But most will live their life never taking a risk, and never finding its true meaning. That’s why it’s so important to help each other. And it starts with our children: It’s about big people helping little people to become BIG people themselves some day. Beautiful.”
  – Sabrina Martin-Edwards, Writer and ‘BIG-ness’ Life Coach 

“This is it. The real deal. No gimmicks. No affiliate programs. No pay-for-hire reviews. And no worthless bonus materials. Just a wonderful story that taught me more about the beauty of life and making the world a better place than my $300,000 college education. ‘Love and stardust. That’s all we are.’ He couldn’t be more right. I loved it!”
  – Molly Murphy, Attorney

“What a surprise to find a book that could significantly alter my view of life for the better. It lives in me!”
  – Jessica Tse

“Have you bought a Deepak Chopra or Tony Robbins book lately and tried to put its teachings into practice? Too much work, I say! The beauty of TBSIT is that it is so un-Deepak and un-Tony. Its characters are people I want to spend time with. Actually, I wish they were real flesh and blood people so I could hang with them. So you could say I carry them around with me wherever I go, and that’s the beauty of this story. Read it, learn from it – laugh and cry with them. I take pride in remembering what they said and relating it to my life.”
  – Susan Marlowe, Attorney

“No courses or formulas or programs. Just an inspirational story that will imprint your heart with a yearning to discover what you can do. A cure for the common life.”
  – Alexis Fontana, School Administrator

“After years of bigger-faster-richer Tony Robbins clones, a new book simply tells us how to be happy again. This is so right. Read it and laugh at our complicated world!”
  – Tamara DiAngelo

“‘The only way to get everything is to give everything.’ Why wasn’t I taught this way in school?”
  – George Lewis, Cabinetmaker

“I’ve seen the future and it’s in this book. Includes how-to’s like improving creativity, raising better children, becoming more focused, more productive, and happier. An investment in future generations of creative leaders.”
  – Erin Dale

“I want to talk about being happy. The Best Show In Town is something special. I didn’t get the dreaming thing at first. And then like, oh right, it’s like life seeding dreams and dreams seeding life. Now I think about how the only show I’ll ever see is through my own eyes and how I can make it better. That’s the message. It’s kind of not a young person’s book, but I liked it anyway. I re-read it to get its full meaning and beauty.”
  – Pall Bhalla, College Student

“Steroids for the imagination. Vitamins for the soul.”
  – Toni Cardinale, Life Coach

“A treasure hunt for the prize we all seek. More than any other book I can name, this book is distilled happiness for me.”
  – Bettina France

“Brown has created a fantasy that uses the traditional ‘quest’ story to teach lessons about dignity, compassion, wisdom, but most of all about better educating our children. It will inspire you to discover that uniqueness is your greatest gift. Then prepare to be amazed at your own potential.”
  – Paul Fredericksen, Financial Analyst

“One line really resonated with me: ‘ giving them what they really wanted and needed to deal with the challenges of creating a better world, my book became a lightning rod for my success.’ This book is about becoming good people, not the plastimogenization of society and becoming a guru of this or that junk product for promises of fame and fortune. Many people today are in deep denial that idealism and education and moral-ethical standards are key to a healthy society. And it all starts with teaching our children. In many ways, this is a revolutionary book. It’s like a seed that grows in your imagination and bears fruit. It will literally repair the damage that society has done to countless people. Listen up. Become a better parent and person and read this book. It’s the real and true good life that most of us seek.”
  – Jean Kramer

“Where have our elders gone? OMG they’re here in this book! A must-read for every mother and teacher. And don’t skip the Prologue it's AMAZING!”
  – Jann Johannsen, High School Chemistry Teacher

“It inspires you to believe in your capacity to make changes in your life and live your dreams. We can’t expect government, religion, or commerce to save us. Every individual must make an effort to improve the lives they touch. Thank you Andy Brown.”
  – Georgia Wells, Bank Manager

“Oh. My. God. The language is alive! Half dreaming, half waking, with a dream within a dream that’s pitch perfect wicked. Let’s see… There’s heaven and redemption. Check. Rules for a meaningful life. Check. A short course in metaphysics. Check. It’s inspirational. Double-check. With an unapologetically happy ending. Check. If I died and went to heaven now, would I be able to re-read it?”
  – Samantha Bradley, Writer’s Assistant

“Brown breaks every one of Elmore Leonard's 10 rules for writing – and we're the luckier for it.”
  – J.K. Spaulding, Author

“A gentle reminder of how much we can get out of life by learning to observe everyday occurrences more keenly. Andy Brown helps us see how these everyday occurrences can be our greatest learning opportunities.”
  – Lainie Mickelson

“A lesson in creativity for all who dream. As natural as breathing itself.”
  – Mary Marston

“A story of redemption about a passion too great, true love forsaken, and the world of difference that one person can make. I felt an instant kinship with its teachings on dignity and creativity. Kind of like a friend was there to help me deal with some really big issues in my life (low self-esteem and self-worth). It gave me a feeling of ‘connectedness’ knowing that others have similar issues.”
  – Learning to live again

“Why do people try so hard to be other than who they really are? This book makes you happy to be yourself. Clever.”
  – Bonnie Sutro

“This book made me believe Andrew Brown was talking directly to me. His insights and teachings in story form made so much sense and helped me look at life in a different way...a better way. Clearly, Andrew believes in the power of dreaming, and his book is a powerful lesson in dreaming big.”
  – Shelley Reid

“A story about harnessing the power of our dreams to live a better life. Who knew that the power of dreaming could help us discover and control our latent talents? Who knew that dreaming and self-esteem were linked? Or that the key to a successful life was dreaming? Apparently Andy Brown did. A fascinating story about a world of change in store for you. Wake up and dream!”
  – Joe Hernandez

“A universal message of hope for the future about learning to give the numerous gifts we each possess and the power of joy in our lives. By showing us a beautiful fantasy life in a world very much like our own, I realized it was easier than I thought to create a better life for myself. When I need an emotional pick-me-up, I reread the last chapter where Sarah says to her daughter, ‘You must never take his dreams away. . .’ Then I weep with joy and feel much better.”
  – Catherine Lim

“Andy Brown is an alchemist. I don’t know how he did it, but he turned the central problems of modern life into an irresistible creation. I also enjoyed the creative formatting.”
  – Joe Erenkrantz

“Are we to believe that AHBrown has written a novel that will inspire us to raise better children? To paraphrase My Fair Lady: By Jove, I think he’s done it!”
  – Madison Van Zant

“Normal? Ordinary? Never! Discover the genius you were born with! What a concept! If all children were taught the lessons in this book, think what the future would hold!”
  – Jenny Keyes, Showgirl

“What we have here is a passion for imagination and a brilliant story told in the first person that draws us in and teaches us to see ourselves as we really are, and in the process creates a more satisfying view of life. The chapter on teaching creativity should be required reading for all college students. And teachers. And parents.”
  – Edie Stanton, Elementary School Administrator

“A treasure hunt for understanding the workings of the mind, and there's pay dirt here. If it's true that having a good teacher can be life-changing, then everyone should read this book, especially the mothers of the world. Here's my favorite line: ‘The greatest philanthropy begins at home, by giving well-raised children to society.’ How many people take parenting that seriously? We all should. He goes on to say that we get only one chance to be a child, and one chance to be a good parent to that child. Therefore the way we raise our children determines the future of the world. Wise beyond all expectations.”
  – Susan Evans, Elementary School Principal

“Advances theories on time-travel, wealth accumulation, the meaning of life, and other pesky little problems. So much more than a story about raising better children.”
  – Thomas Stenholm, Construction Manager

“The Best Show In Town is a masterwork of imagination that replaces the mundane world we know with a wonderful new one to live in. It gave me new eyes and showed me what was missing from my life. Thank you Andy!”
  – Sandra Bloch

“Based on an ancient legend, it centers around four generations of a single family, a fabulous treasure, and a terrible secret. It touches so many facets of life and left me with the impression that I’m responsible for creating a better future, no matter how ordinary my circumstances. But it also made me see that my life is good, even special in its way, because we all have unique talents. Increased self-esteem is hard to come by – and just for the price of a book! You can't beat that.”
  – Janet Eldnor, Homemaker and stay-at-home Mom

“The Great American Novel? The American Dream? It's more than that. It's in our bones, in every breath. It's the power to be anything you want – the power to create the future you choose. Inspiring!”
  – Taylor Strong

“It trumps the The Secret with practical advice in a story that I keep coming back to again and again to make my own. I believe more than ever that I can achieve my dreams.”
  – Claire Handleman, Cook and Food Blogger

“‘Moving in a wave of silence through the cricket songs,’ I became one with this story. IMO it's about restoring the ‘heart’ to society where we respect our differences. Andy Brown should be on Oprah.”
  – Sammy Whitebone, Shaman

“Whether or not it was stolen through a time portal from the Akashic Record (as some idiot suggested - sorry), what it will do is recalibrate the way you look at life to impart life lessons. The beauty of it is that it teaches without intending to. Try getting that from the internet. Deeply affecting.”
  – Stefan Zamboni

“This is entitlement at its very best: You *deserve* to improve your life. You *deserve* to make changes that make you happy. I think a lot of people will be inspired to be happier, more creative, and more fulfilled.”
  – Herrick Hong

“A triumphant tale about the power of imagination to reinvent ourselves. Compulsively readable.”
  – Sonya Sklarek

“A story about living a rewarding life within the grasp of everyone. Teaching that perception is reality is nothing new. But teaching that art is the hope of the world is. Give Obama his due, he’s a great writer. But this book is the BOMB, flat-out inspirational, and packs the power to change your life.”
  – Hank Spellman

“Filled with passion, hope, wisdom, and humor. An imaginarium of ways to teach our children.”
  – Michael Appleton, Bookseller and Father of 5

“A new voice maps a treasure hunt for the greatest treasure of all: discovering the power of our dreams and what we’re capable of doing. Filled with wit, wisdom, and optimism for the future.”
  – R.B. Raymond, Author

“I’m blessed and so are you! The good life is within your grasp right now. The Best Show In Town will retrain you to see it and live it. I love the metaphor of life as a race. Goooo...JOY! JOY! JOY! JOY! Those who give the most joy win – of course! Which leads to my disgust that so many people still talk about ‘race.’ On the basis of biology, physiology, organ size and function, IQ, strength, speed, or any other basis you can name – science has determined that we are one race. The distinction of races is irrelevant today. It’s all about personal action, not color or culture. Do people know you and trust you? Another reason to love this book: it teaches the heart to see what the eyes alone can’t. Like Allee said about the Legend, a new world order of truth and justice and harmony is emerging. The Best Show In Town is a cornerstone of that new order.”
  – Jeri Richards, High School Biology Teacher

“Everyone has hopes and dreams. This story will inspire you to follow yours. The icing on the cake was a kind of miracle I experienced at the end. Kind of like looking into a magic mirror, I suddenly knew and believed that I could do anything I set my mind to. It’s the closest I’ve come to a religious experience in my life.”
  – Michelle Rosso

“I’m late to the party but have read all the reviews. There’s something powerful here that they failed to mention. TBSIT is an elixir that makes you believe in doing the right thing. It’s about seeing miracles every day. And it’s about living your potential and sharing your unique gifts to create a better future. This book rocks!”
  – Marco Escobar

“Come on people. Don’t give Redfield and those other silly authors your money. We’ll still be reading The Best Show In Town after 2012. It puts The Celestine Prophecy on the back burner.”
  – Ethan Arnt

“I really liked The Best Show In Town. It promises to take us home to the comfortable place we grew up, intellectually speaking, and then unlock our creativity. Well, not only is it NOT like the place I grew up, but personally, I would choose to stay there forever. The lessons in this book are timeless and relevant to everything going on in the world today. It's a feel-good novel for our troubled times. No, let me re-phrase that: It's one book that will help lead us out of these troubled times. Fantastically creative and entertaining. A must read.”
  – Sanjay Bhatia

“I finally get it: magic fire = everyday genius. I’m brilliant...err, it’s brilliant!”
  – Andrea Lucchese

“Brown makes us care about his characters. A Dickensian novel for the 21st century. More, please!”
  – Jeff Miles, Language Translator

“A fantasy adventure that takes place close to home, about harnessing the power of dreaming to help us live a fuller and more rewarding life. I’m okay with that. But I can hardly believe what I’m about to say... It literally transformed the way I think and how I speak to myself. Is that even possible? Truth is I’m not an overly friendly person and most stuff underwhelms me. But I’m in love with this book and think it’s an important work. I will stand in line for hours to meet the man that wrote it. Thank you, A.H. Brown.”
  – Sally Wade, Program Management

“So many great ideas to savor. Like a box of fine chocolates, you can't go wrong.”
  – Mona Tobin, Chocolatier

“Renewing and inspirational. Fall under its spell!”
  – Luis Moulin

“It’s our birthright: a wonderful way to dream. I wish I could’ve read it as a young man.”
  – #1LoyalFan

“As a young girl, I would sit on my father’s lap as he read Treasure Island and other classic adventures to me and my brother. I love treasure hunt stories. But TBSIT is something different, a treasure hunt for something inside you. Not so much a self-help book, but more a fantasy adventure about discovering your latent talents. I couldn’t put it down. Find your own treasure: meet the other, more powerful you.”
  – Marguerite Namaste

“I’m not an adventurous reader. So when my wife said she had a book for me, I thought what the heck. Not only did it make me cry like a baby, but I’m going to try to keep the best mother on earth home with our children. This book is magic, the real deal. Take it from someone who knows.”
  – Jeremy Knight, Magician

“It’s what we need now: a parable for adults that contains all the principles of living a meaningful and resourceful life. It includes a clear examination of our opportunities to create a vision for a better future. The handling of the missing years of his life was extremely creative, suggesting a return from the wilderness theme as well as the Church’s recitative doctrine on Christ’s life. You will never forget one word of this story. In the words of one of my young parishioners: This book is BANGIN’!”
  – Rev. John Darcy

“The Best Show In Town is a blessing. Mr. Brown is someone who I will place my trust in to guide us and lead us. I eagerly await his next book.”
  – Violet Yu

“Read. Learn. Dream. Grow. It’s f’ing kindergarten for adults! Very cool indeed.”
  – Todd Limpis, Financial Consultant

“The secret to living a meaningful life is a 4-letter word: doing. Oops I didn’t count!”
  – Bill Jenkins, Railroad Engineer and Grandfather

  – Siri Eliasson

“A mind-bending view of how memories define us and make us unique. Discover who you are becoming!”
  – Charlie Harrison

“Lifelong learning is for everyone. This book acts like a mirror and inspires you to reflect on your own journey and learn about the person you were meant to be. You will never look at life the same way again.”
  – Janet Binder

“I use a technique in this book to slow time down a lot now. I’m also really trying to see the world through a child’s eyes again. My life has more ‘magic fire’ in it now.”
  – Mick Olsen, Graphic Artist

“For those who don't ‘get it’ here is a story about seeing beauty in the world. Isn't it time you did?”
  – Clare Lane

“Fertilizer for the soul. See what grows!
*Psst. There's a miracle inside every one of us.”
  – Seth Barlow

“I’m grateful for the simple yet profound ideas on raising better children, learning to see the essence in life, and learning to give the numerous gifts we’ve all been given – all focused on creating a better world. I really enjoyed this life-affirming story.”
  – Napthali Blumenthau

“A camera lens on the future that shows the consequence of our actions now. Like watching a movie.”
  – Jane Bronowski

“I love the quote: ‘The greatest philanthropy begins at home...’ The corollary is: Some people shouldn't have children. Those who should should read this book.”
  – Vivian Viande, Homemaker and Mother of 3

“One could argue that we needed this book 50 years ago. Better late than never.”
  – Ludovic Citrone

“Grab a front row center seat and be amazed by the power of this multi-generational story. Wise and heartfelt.”
  – Kristin Burkhart

“MAMMA MIA! There's something for everyone in it. I must've missed the kitchen sink cause I know it's there.”
  – Kami Brooks, Waitress

“Not since Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead have I found a novel of interest in the architectural genre. There's design nuance here that extends into the fiber of the writing. When I do designs for university projects, I try to think of architecture as the stage or proscenium for academic life. Similarly, The Best Show In Town became a stage for my intellectual and creative thoughts. Not only did it spark several ideas that I’m excited about, it left me feeling alive and hopeful. I really liked that in these difficult times. A wise and beautiful work.”
  – Roberta Trent, Architect

“A passionate story about the power of imagination to become a better you. Told in the first person, I found myself inside the characters' minds, learning what they learned, striving to feel their emotions. Reading this book literally reset my compass about what's important in my life. An amazing accomplishment.”
  – Elizabeth Baer, Homemaker

“Embrace your uniqueness and discover the meaning of your life. Wow. It’s crazy how good this book will make you feel about yourself.”
  – Mark James

“In the way the art of Persian rug making is a reflection of its history, so too is this clever story a reflection of the history of ideas – where we come from but also where we’re going. I really enjoyed it.”
  – Jack Bagosian, Oriental Rug Historian

“So visual, it's like watching a movie. So traditional and romantic, it's cool!”
  – Sadie Fisher, Grandmother

“Discover the other, more powerful the genius inside you. Believe in yourself and see your self-esteem soar. As the man said, ‘Teach them to fish.’”
  – Joseph Willenski, Meat and Fish Market Purveyor

“An inspirational story about embracing our greatest strengths, gifts and abilities; then becoming more aware of opportunities and possibilities for greater success through the choices we make. I gift it to everyone.”
  – Simon Towell, Colonel (Retired), United States Air Force

“Empowering. It makes you care and want to do the things you dream about. Anything less is living a life that's been lived before.”
  – Elias Eisenberg, NASA Physicist

“A friend once told me that life's not a spectator sport, that doing defines the person.  It seems that the best advice never goes out of fashion: Get out there and do something.”
  – Patti Donaldson

“This is a Public Service Announcement: The Best Show In Town will improve you and everyone that reads it, and that will improve the world. It’s a heck of a good read, too.”
  – Kit Brewster

“A must-read story about educating our children and nurturing their creativity.”
  – Dinah Townsend

“What this book said to me is challenge yourself and discover what you’re good at, forget status and the status quo (status only matters to people who care what others think), and be happy in yourself.”
  – Dean Nixon

“The story is told in the first person and there’s no mention of race or skin color that I can remember. This turns out to be a good thing, as I think most readers naturally insert themselves more completely into the story, as I did.”
  – Richard Mathis

“It’s about discovering that what you need to live a fuller and more meaningful life is already inside you. Heart-warming and magical.”
  – Rebecca Lloyd

“Similar to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this book turns the world inside out. Only here, the focus is on idea creation. As an educator, I look for creative ways to engage and challenge our children. Introducing the act of play into the educational process as well as other ideas in this book is meaningful and refreshing.”
  – Nan Cuthbert, High School English Teacher

“A book even Rush Limbaugh could love!”
  – Marlee Richmond

“The Best Show In Town is a blessing! To paraphrase its main character: ‘It will change the way you see the world and make every day Christmas.’ In the end, we realize the fantasy world in the story is pretty close to our own, which means it only takes a small effort on our part to make our world better. We’re talking World Peace here, readers! Did I say it’s brilliant?”
  – Margaret Sansome, Publicist

“So much food for thought. I found myself thinking about my own life, digging deep into my past. It allowed me to view my life differently and rediscover what I’m about.”
  – Lawrence Lennox, REIT Portfolio Manager

“Learn to see better. Love what you see.”
  – Roz Marks

“This book contains several true miracles. It will imprint your heart with a yearning to do amazing things in your life. It will change the way you see the world and make you want to be better. It's not intended to make you money, though it could. The power of inspiration makes this possible: ‘Inspiration creates desire and desire creates energy to do the things we want.’ Your first step on this journey is to believe it’s possible. So believe already! An instant classic.”
  – Jeanne Jenkins, Grandmother

“A book for women, still the foremost creators of life on this planet. (Yeah, they just let us men think we are. Keep up the good work ladies!) Okay, it’s for men, too.”
  – Dave Fogelman

“A transformational story about turning dreams into reality. A must read for everyone who cares about creating a better future. ‘Nuff said.”
  – Richard Dykstra

“The Best Show In Town is a fantasy adventure that will change the way you see the world forever. Filled with luminous language, unforgettable images, and laser-like insights, it will... ‘refresh, excite, seduce, woo, and reward you with treasures that money can’t buy.’ I don’t care what it means – I just like the way it sounds.”
  – Sarah Beart

“‘...the power of loving something deeply enough can make almost anything possible…’ True! True! True! In a very positive and natural way, for me, love is a bridge between the living and the dead I have known. As I believe our consciousness continues on after we die, there is no reason to fear death. This story taps into the continuum of eternal life and creativity in a magical way. And isn’t life truly magical? An authentic and beautiful work of imagination. Read it!”
  – Laura Lincoln

THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN. The only show you’ll ever see is through your own eyes. Make it the best show possible.