Andrew H. Brown

Mission Statement
As an inspirational author and creativity coach, my goal is to help people envision their future, and inspire them to fulfill their potential. Training the mind to see what the eyes alone can’t – the essence in life – is the “ism” that I follow.

Why Are We here?
To experience and celebrate the gift of life. To gain and share knowledge. To help others and give joy. To strive for dignity and justice. To experience miracles every day.

I was called Kid Smiley when I was little for the obvious reason that I never smiled. Nothing was wrong; I was just observing the world. A time to celebrate and pop balloons was coming.

I’ve been a foodie forever. Food has taken on a central role in my life: pleasure, companionship, catalyst to conversation and memories. Quality of life for me includes sharing a good meal with those I care about every day. The phrase “you are what you eat” doesn’t resonate with me – “any meal could be my last” does.

I learned early in life to keenly observe my world and celebrate what I have. Doesn’t it follow that if you do something you love and perceive your world to be good that there’s more to celebrate? So the more observant I became, the greater my reward – and the greater my reward, the more I had to celebrate. Observe and celebrate: two simple yet powerful actions to help us live the good life. They supercharge the imagination, too.

When my children were born and I first held them, I felt like I was holding the world in my hands. All creation, all potential, all dreams. And I desperately wanted to give them a better world to live in. But I’ve always been a dreamer, slightly delusional and impractical. Always believed that I had an equal right or ability to make a difference as anyone who has ever lived – or that my desire to leave a better world to my children than the world I came into was my birthright. And while I was doing it for them, I was also doing it for all the children of the world. I believe we hold the future of the world in our hands, that it is our responsibility to nurture and care for it.

At some point in early adulthood, I had the profound realization that life is short – and I’ve been trying to uncomplicate mine ever since. Let’s see what happens if I reduce myself to keywords and become “searchable”:
Author, dreamer, inspirer, futurist,
parent, teacher, friend, humorist.
Lover of life.
Student of nature.

Do something you love and work ceases to be work and becomes play.

Life is short. Let’s play!

Publisher's Note
Andy says everything is about family, education, love, and respect – and the act of giving back. One of his often used quotes – “Inspiration creates desire and desire creates energy to do the things we want” – pretty much sums up the road less traveled that he took in writing this book. The theme of living twice in the story is drawn from his own life. A frail child who might not have survived without modern medicine, he would come to believe that he was given a second chance in life. Art inspiring life is a recurring theme in his work. Now the untimely loss of his beloved parents would become his inspiration. Rather than dwell in sadness, he was grateful for what he had. The family mindset was one of abundance – that anything was possible. This set in motion a critical assessment of societal values. Media regurgitation of stories about wealth accumulation and power were meaningless to him. And he began to think of ways to help people see the beauty in everyday life. The concept of the magical years was inspired by his 5 children and their fierce individuality. He giggles a lot when he talks about his children and his quest to write a book that will make them proud of him. Andy Brown is a futurist and inspirer living in San Francisco. His 5 adult children continue to inspire him today.
– Andrew Handleman, Puzzlement Publications LLC

Here are several of my favorite quotes from Andy:
» “Until learning to truly see becomes as natural and dependable as breathing itself, we can’t really be sure of our ability to distinguish essence from illusion, can we?”
» “Find someone to inspire you and hold on tight.”
» “Doing defines the person. Do something well.”
» “The only way to get everything is to give everything.”
» “You have the will to reinvent yourself. What you’re capable of doing will amaze you.”
» “I prop their eyelids open with toothpicks and train them to see like a child again: with curiosity and enthusiasm.”

THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN. The only show you’ll ever see is through your own eyes. Make it the best show possible.